How To Block Unwanted Emails on Outlook

Block unwanted mail in foreign languages or from specific countries

If you want to stop receiving email messages in foreign languages that you don’t know, switch to the last tab of the Junk E-mail Options dialog, International tab. This tab provides the following two options:

Blocked Top-Level Domains List. This list lets you block email messages from specific countries or regions. For example, if you select CN (China) or IN (India), then you will stop receiving any messages if a sender’s address that ends with .cn or .in.

Blocking top-level domains

Though, nowadays when nearly everyone has gmail or accounts, this option will hardly help you get rid of many junk emails. And this brings us to the second option that looks much more promising.

Blocked Encodings List. This list enables you to eliminate all unwanted e-mail messages formatted in a specific language encoding, i.e. displayed in a language that you don’t understand and cannot read anyway.
Blocking encodings

Source : How To Block Unwanted Spam Email on Outlook/Hotmail

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